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Wireless Intelligent Pressure Relief Head Massager 

【Comfortable and Beautiful Wearing】Ergonomic design fits head curve perfectly for scientific and comfortable wearing.
【Fully Adjustable】With fasteners for adjustment to fit your head size, won't slip off easily.
【3 Modes and 9 Intensity】3 massage modes (sleep mode, depression mode, and relief mode) controlled by [On/Off] button. 9 intensity adjusted through[+]/[-] buttons.
【Strong Functions】Low-frequency pulse works to relieve pain and pressure, as well as to promote sleep.
3 massage modes function:
1) Sleep mode: low-frequency pulse relieve nerves and pressure, assisting users to sleep in calm mode.
2) Depression mode: relax the mind, and relieve working pressure.
3) Relief mode: stimulate brain for the release of endorphins to restrain painlessness.
How to Use:
1) Take out the electronic pad.
2) Uncover the protective cover(need to be saved for later use).
3) Install the pad to the device.
4) Soak forehead with water.
5) Wear the device in proper area as picture shows for effective massage.
6) Select mode and intensity according to your need
Color: pink, black
Item size: 14.3x1.9cm
Package Content:
1 x main device
1 x charging cord
2 x massage pads

Customer Reviews

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Delivery month. Packing cardboard box and a regular bag, which during transportation rubbed, but the box did not fall out)) the device is in good condition. I put on my forehead, turned on, shibanulo Tok: it was not a surprise. I switched to a minimum, I can tolerate it. The LEDs shine brightly, I glue with a patch, and then in the dark they irritate their "light music". By appointment I have not yet tested, I will add later. Thank you for the service, I recommend the store!


Looks the same as the picture but haven’t tried yet No


jestem w szoku z powodu prędkości wysyłki. zamówiłam 30.12.2020 r a otrzymałam 11.01.2021. polecam sklep ❤️


Please of だい つよ or the comforable. Facial hair around, peeled threshold for the try to let the けん wrinkles, the ひたい こっ. its the こり ほぐれる かんじ ひじょうに would be relaxed. つかい introduction just continue with the ゅうせいはふめいです.


It works! Headache passed! Recommend order right away with additional plastrami

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