Mirror Metallic Nail Polish

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Make Your Nails Shine With A Glamorous Metallic Finish!

Start the new decade right by adding a unique flair to your everyday outfit with a Metallic Mirror Nail Polish. These polishes make an impressive yet effortless futuristic effect that has not been done by any other nail polish brands yet! It's easy to apply and maintains a gorgeous mirror/metallic finish. Add an extra eye-catching style to your nail polish with the Metallic Mirror Nail Polish!




  • FUTURISTIC METALLIC EFFECT - No gel or powder toppers required! Flaunt a dazzling perfectly metallic nail effect that is almost too good to be true. The Metallic Mirror Nail Polish is perfect for creating beautiful and unique nail art for all occasions.
  • STYLISH & TRENDY - Definitely a head-turner and envy to many girls who want to have a true metallic mirror effect on their nails. Start a metallic trend among your friends and acquaintances with the Metallic Mirror Nail Polish!
  • VERY EASY TO APPLY - Simply prepare your nails by filing and buffering properly for the polish to sit well. Apply one layer of base coat followed by two layers of the Metallic Mirror Nail Polish. This polish dries quickly so you can immediately seal with a clear topper only.



  • Net Wt: 6ml


  • 1 x Metallic Mirror Nail Polish

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